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02. Seasons

**Each system must have at least one Season defined.** 



These are used to separate games into manageable groups. We recommend that you add a single season for all Leagues that you work with and set the League to "All Leagues.’ If  you would like more precise settings for each League, add or adjust your seasons as needed.

Season Maintenance 

This can be found under Group Setup : Seasons.  

Add a new season by clicking the green caption: Click to Add a New Season

If leagues have already been setup, select a league from the drop down menu.  If the leagues have not been setup, choose ALL LEAGUES.  Once you setup your Leagues, you can come back to Seasons and apply the League. 

Enter the name of the season in the Name box.  For greater efficiency when sorting, begin the season name with the year, and follow with a description.  For example, ’2012 Fall’ or ’2013 Spring, etc.  Enter the start date and the end date.  Conveniently located next to the start date and end date is a calendar.

Make sure to check the box next to Active.  This will make the games for this season visible in the major navigation areas.  

If the box is not checked, the season will be not active, making this seasons games not visible in the major navigation areas.

If you have several seasons to input at one time, check the box next to Quick Add.  This will return you back to the Seasons Information screen to input additional seasons.  When finished entering all the seasons, uncheck the box next to Quick Add and click the Save(Add Season) button.

As each new season begins, the previous season games can be hidden in the main Games area by selecting the season and clicking the green Click to Disable feature under the Active Caption.  It will then state "no" under the Active Caption.  If the previous season games would like to be shown, simply click the green Click to Enable feature.  The season will then say "yes" it is active

Hidden games are still accessible and users can run reports on previous date ranges in the Reports section.

To delete a season, simply click on the season to be deleted.  Now in the Seasons Information window, check the box next to Remove this Season and click Save.


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