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03. Primary Assignor Settings

Group Setup :  Assignor Settings : Assignor Parameters - Edit Settings

System Email Options:

These allow you to send nightly email notifications of unaccepted games to Officials, Teams and/or Assignors. A variety of notifications can be matched up with the Officials, Assignors, and/or Teams (Ex: Game Detail Changes, Reminders, or Declines). 

These reminders can be set to go out a specific number of days in advance using the Reminder Email Days text box.   Instant Emails will be sent within 15 minutes of action made to a game.  These instant emails are also sent with text messages, if the official has opted to receive them in their My Info section.

To send Auto Emails to Teams, Contacts must be established by going to Group Maint--Teams--Add Contacts.  Make sure to enter an email address for the Team Contact, and check the box to activate Auto Emails.

Primary Assignor Settings 

These determine the parameters for how and when specific information is sent, and who receives this information (Officials, Assignors, and Teams). Assignor Parameters must be set in order to reflect your preferences. If no boxes are checked, no email will be sent.


Official’s Access Code 

Allows officials to join your group on their own.  Give the access code you have chosen and the group number to officials that are wanting to join your group and they will be able to access  the site.  You can let the officials know to follow the prompts once they are in your site.  

Having your officials enter your site through the access code and group number is a much faster way to build your list of officials.  This allows them to choose their username and password.  They are also able to fill in their contact information and availability to begin receiving games promptly.  

Users may also be added by you.  This requires you to give them a username and password, then email it to them.  They will then have to go in and change their password, fill in contact information and availability.  

This is a VERY important step when setting up your site.  The quicker you give your officials the information to join your group, the quicker you can start issuing your game assignments.


Assignor Parameters--New Officials Assignments:

  • If you want your assignments visible to officials immediately, set this feature to Assigned (Published).
  • If you want to assign officials without releasing the assignment immediately, set this feature to Tentative (Unpublished).
  • If you assign officials personally and don’t want them to accept/decline their games, set this feature to Accepted (no email is sent when using this option).

Choose the Force Batch Accept/Decline if you want to prevent officials from accepting certain games and declining others on a single day.  Select the Force Decline Reason if you want to know the reason the official declines an assignment. You will then be able to run a report on the decline reasons in the Reports section. 

You may want to use Auto Decline Unaccepted Official Assignments for instances when an official has ’not accepted’ after a certain number of days have passed, or a certain number of days before a game. These features both indicate a ’not active’ status if set to zero (default is set to zero - you must enter a number of days to activate this feature).

The Difficulty scale and default rating of Officials, Teams, and Game Ages is set here.  You may set the Max Difficulty Value from 3 to 100.   This will be seen and used when assigning difficulties, you will have the option to select from 0 to the maximum value you have set here.  Set the default for New Officials and New Teams here as well.  New Officials and New Teams that are added, imported, or linked will have this difficulty rating if not already specified.

Use the Unaccepted View Range to limit the number of ‘Not Accepted’ games viewed at one time on the Game page. For large organizations, a manageable number of days may be 7 to 14.

All outgoing system emails will include the text that you enter in the Assignor Email Msg text box.

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