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04. Assignor Alerts

Assignor Alerts: 

These notify you of conflicts that may arise during the assigning process. 

The system evaluates your games using the preferences you have set and stores an alert for each problem that is found. Alerts are automatically processed once each day (currently processed at approximately 2:00am EST). However, you can manually process alerts at any time by selecting Assignor Alerts on the Main Menu and then select ’Run Alerts Now’ under Additional Options.  

This is especially useful to do immediately after you have made a large number of assignment changes.

**NOTE: After reviewing each alert, you have two options:**
Delete - the alert will be deleted, and it will be created again if the same situation exists during the next alerts session.
Ignore - the alert will be deleted, and it will NOT be created again, even if the situation still exists during the next alerts session. (This would be useful if you find that an alert is not really a problem for a particular game, official, or team)

Initial setup of the Alert Maintenance area is accomplished by simply selecting the check boxes that correspond to your preferences. You can add or modify Alerts by going to 

Main Menu : Assignor Alerts : Additional Options, Managing the Active Alerts : Add/Edit Alerts. 

Please note that several alerts require input such as ‘how many’ or ‘what time’.

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