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05. Leagues

Each system must have at least one League defined in order to arrange games in manageable groups.  

Group Maint : Leagues


Each organization that you assign for should have its own separate league. This will allow you to use specific age levels in some leagues, while not using them in others. Adult leagues, for example, may include older age levels than the recreational leagues.

Each League operates according to unique Assignor Filters that correspond to the needs of that league. 

In addition, many aspects of the system are connected to Leagues, such as (but not limited to) Teams, Pay Scales, and Official’s Certification. For convenience, and security purposes, you may want to edit the Permissions for League Users (Group Setup : Permissions : League). You can also set Permission Levels for Assignors to only view or only publish one or all leagues.  Check these features out under Group Maint : Assignors : Edit Priority.  Assigning this information allows them to log in and manage one or more leagues, complexes or age levels.

League Filters:


  • Certified Officials - If you turn this filter on (by selecting All Games in the drop down box) you will need to create a certified list of officials for this League.  This feature is very beneficial for groups that have many officials associated with their group, yet only some of these officials work for a particular league.  Example:  If you have 200 officials, but only 50 of them are qualified to work the Adult League, you would go to Main Menu : Officials : Show Additional Options : Certifications : Select the Adult League and check the box next to each of the 50 officials that will be working in this League.  If you are using Certification as an Assignor Filter you MUST Certify your officials to work in the various leagues/seasons you have created.  After creating the list, when you go to assign games for this league, only those officials that were certified will appear to be assigned.

  • Availability - Turn this filter on by choosing to Assume Available or Assume Unavailable.  Make sure to let your officials know which filter option you have chosen.  If you choose ’Assume Available’, tell your officials to only enter dates they ARE NOT AVAILABLE to work in their availability calendar.  If you ’Assume Unavailable’, have your officials enter only the dates they ARE AVAILABLE in their availability calendar.  When you make your assignments, if there are not any officials showing up to be assigned, it could be because they have not entered availability.  Example : If you are Assuming Unavailable, you go to assign a game and no officials show up, this would mean that no officials have entered availability for the date of the game.  By Assuming Available, all officials will show up, except those that have specified they cannot work.


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