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06A. Game Ages

Group Maint : Ages / Levels : Maintain Game Ages : Click to Add a new Game Age



Game Age Information

Choose the League that you will set game ages for and then enter a Game Age Description in the text box. 

Next, enter the Total Game Time (in minutes). The game time will be used when processing Assignor Alerts/Warnings.

Throughout the system in various game views, division/region games can be highlighted. To do so, click the Highlight Division Games

box to activate this feature. 

Default Official Crew Size is set to 2 (indicated by an asterisk), but it can be changed if you want to assign 1, 3, or 4 crew members for this game age.

Game Difficulty

Choose a rating from 1 (none) to 10 (hardest) for both the "Male/Coed" and "Female Only" categories in order to set your Default Game Difficulty level. 

Difficulty Scale Maximum is set under Group Setup : Assignor Settings : Edit Settings : Official / Team / Age Difficulty Levels 

Next, set the Difficulty Method to either an Age Group or Team DefaultIf you choose the Team Default, the lowest difficulty level of the participating teams will be used to classify the game.

USSF Grade Options (For Soccer Only)

Set Minimum USSF Grade for the Referee and the Assistant Referee here. Click Show (or Hide) to change the section view.

Check the Quick Add box to continue setting additional Game Ages before you SAVE your work.

Click HERE for step 7


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