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06B. Game Levels

NOTEIt may be better to add additional Game Ages instead of using Game levels - 

You can only define difficulty ratings to games based on the Game Age.  So an Age of "U14 - Select" can be defined as hard or easier than a "U14 - Recreational."  However, if you have a single Game Age of "U14" and then add Game Levels of "Select" and "Recreational," you won’t be able to define separate difficulty levels for "U14" - "Select" and "U14" - "Recreational."

Game Level Information

Group Maint : Ages / Levels : Maintain Game Levels : Click to Add a new Game Level

Choose the League you will set this game level for, and then enter a name for the Game Level you want to create.

Click the Quick Add box to set additional Game Levels now (before you click SAVE). You must still click the SAVE button.

When you have no additional Game Levels to add, uncheck the Quick Add box and SAVE the final entry.

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