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07. Locations

You must add at least one Complex and Location (Field, Court, etc) before you can enter games. 

Enter a new Complex and add at least one Location (Field, Court, etc). 

Group Maint : Locations : Click to Add a New Complex

More than one Location can be added to a Complex using the Quick Add feature on the Maintenance page - or click "Add Loc" next to the complex at any time.

Example:  International Complex has 6 Fields.  The Complex name will be International Complex.  The Locations will be Field 1, Field 2, Field 3, Field 4, Field 5 and Field 6.  This will appear in your Game Information as International Complex / Field 1, International Complex / Field 2, etc.

It is not necessary to repeat the Complex name when naming the Locations as the Complex name will be included when the location is displayed on game schedules.

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