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08A. Teams (Basic)

After you set up one or more Leagues you can begin Team setup. When you enter teams into the system, you must assign them to a primary League. You will have the option later to add them to other Leagues that they may participate in.
Group Maint : Teams : Click to Add a New Team

Name and Display/Short Name

After entering the team name in the Team Information section you will be asked to enter a Display/Short Name for the team. It may not be necessary to enter a new team name for each physical team if you use a single team name for your club/mascot. 

For example, if the Atlanta Bears club has teams at the U10, U12, and U14 levels, you could enter "Atlanta Bears" ONE time to the system IF one person manages all teams. If, however, representatives from each team log in to the system to manage their own games, each team needs to have its own separate entry so that administrators have access only to their own team’s games.
In order for the team to show up as an option when entering games, you must select all Leagues that each team participates in - you will do this at the bottom of the team maintenance page.

Adding Multiple Teams

To add multiple Teams to the same League during a single session, select Quick Add (Return to Add after Saving) at the bottom of the page. To exit the Quick Add ’loop’ when you are finished, uncheck the Quick Add box before you SAVE the final team entry.

To manage Teams in Batch Mode

To manage the teams for a league in batch mode, go to Leagues and select the Manage link under the Teams column for that League.
Teams can also be added from Group Maint : Import.  This may be easier if you have the teams already in an excel spreadsheet.

Click here for more detailed information on Teams.

Click HERE for step 9

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