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08B. Teams (Detailed)

(This is a continuation of Teams Basic)

Continue with Teams setup by entering the detailed information for each Team

Group Maint : Teams

On the Team Information page, click a Team name to edit its details.


  • Team Number
    If the Team name does not apply to multiple age groups you may wish to enter a Team Number.
  • Region
    If your Team participates as part of a specific region / conference, enter the region / conference name here.
  • Class
    If your Team is assigned to a specific class, such as is defined by high school size, etc., enter the Class information.
  • Visiting Team
    If this Team is not the home team for this League/Association, you may want to click this box and define this as a Visiting Team.
  • Home Association
    If applicable, indicate the Home Association for this Team.
  • Default Location
    If this Team plays on the same field the majority of the time, use the pulldown menu to assign that field as the Default Location. Enter the adjusted field information as needed for other occasions.
  • Default Game Difficulty
    Based on skill level and age, select a difficulty level from the pulldown menu to use as the Default game Difficulty. The difficulty level can be edited as needed for exceptional situations. 


  • Billing To Name
  • Enter the name of the party that will be responsible for the bills associated with this Team.
  • Billing Address 1 (and 2), Billing City/State/Zip
    Enter the address information for the party responsible.
  • Phone
    You may enter and associate as many as three phone numbers, using the text box and pull down menu (home, work, cell, pager, fax, other).  
  • Email 1 (and Email 2)
    You may enter two email addresses. Please enter main contact email as Email 1
  • Website
    If your Team has a website and you wish to share this information, enter the website address here. DO NOT include ’http’ as part of the website address.  
  • SSN/Fed ID
    Enter social security number or Federal ID number, if applicable.  
  • Notes
    Use this area to enter related notes or important information to associate with this Team.


Click the box to select individual leagues that this team will play in. Use the ’Select All’ and ’Clear All’ text if desired (helpful when several leagues are included in your organization).

Click HERE for step 9

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