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09. Officials

Allowing Officials To Create Their Own Account

If you enter information into the "Official’s Access Code" section of the Assignor Settings, then Officials can create their own account.  

You will need to give your Access Code and Group Number to all of the Officials that need to sign up.  

They can then go to GameOfficials.net and click the "New Official" link under the login box.  This will walk them through the process of creating their own account. The system will send each user an email with their login and password.

Importing Officials 

When importing officials, you must enter a valid first and last name for each. If you are comfortable with the data you have for each official you can add that information to the import as well. 

Be sure to have an email address for each official as this will be used to create the username for the official once they are imported.

Click here for more information on importing officials. 

Official Logins

Once you import your officials you need to create logins for them. To batch create logins, "Show" the Additional Options at the bottom of the main Officials page and click one of the links under "Create a login for all Officials without a current login". 

Any official that already has an existing GameOfficials.net login will need to link their account following the instructions on their "My Assignors" page.

Official Certification

If you are using Certification as an Assignor Filter you must Certify your imported officials to work in the various leagues you have created. 

To manage the Certifications, "Show" the Additional Options at the bottom of the main Officials page and click "Manage Official Certifications." 

From there, you will be able to select a League/Season and certify applicable officials.


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