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10. Games

To view, add, or edit Game Information

Main Menu : Games

You can view Game Information by day, week, or month. When viewing by week, you will have the option to choose This Week, Previous Week, or Next Week. Current Mon-Sun dates will display and adjust according to the chosen week. You can also filter games according to status such as Not Accepted’, ’Pending’ or ’All’. 

Games can be added to GameOfficials.net individually or in batch mode.

Individual Mode:

To enter one game (or several games one by one), click the Add a New Game link. 

Select the League that the game is in and continue by entering the game details. You can enter several games one by one by clicking the Quick Add box at the bottom of the page before you SAVE the game details. This option will return you to the Add Game screen once the current information is saved.

Batch Mode:

To enter a batch of games, click the Add a New Game link as usual. Select the League that the game is in and also check the ’Batch enter duplicate "TBD" games’ box on that same page. 

When you arrive at the New Game screen, you have the option to enter the number of games you will be entering. Complete the generic details that apply to all of the games you will enter. For example, if you are entering all of the  U14 games, set the age level to  U14, but leave the teams, location, etc. as TBD.

**TIP: By setting game times to 12:01 AM, the system will display them as ’TBD’ on the game info screen. This serves as a reminder to you that the game needs to be updated with additional information.**

Once you have added games, you can go to the Additional Options area (at the bottom of the main Game page) and click Show to access the Batch Edit Game Details link (you can also locate the Games-Batch Screen from the Main Menu). 

Once you are on the the Batch Edit Games page you can edit Ages/Teams, Num/Times/Locations, and Billing Details, as well as Batch Cancel or Batch Delete. Each of these features must be edited separately and must be SAVED separately after the details have been set.

Click HERE for more information on our Batch Edit feature.

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