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This document describes how to use the 1099 filing service but nothing in this document should be taken as making a representation, guarantee, or suggestion either directly or implied regarding tax regulations or responsibilities.

Tax laws and regulations change frequently. You are responsible for and agree to review your tax return for indications of errors prior to electronically filing it or mailing it and for consulting with your tax advisors regarding applicable laws and regulations.


Service Agreement


Complete the Service Agreement to sign up and use the 1099 Filing Service for a given Tax Year.You will need to complete the Service Agreement once per Group, per Filing Year.


The 1099 Service is a 3 part process; Creating the 1099 Batch (Filing Entity), Prepare the forms and File/Print the forms.


Part 1. Creating the 1099 Batch (Filing Entity)

After you have signed up for the Service, you can click to Add a New 1099 Batch. Select an existing Entity out of the list or click "Enter New" to add a new Filing Entity. Enter the Payor’s information. This information will be reported to the IRS. Save.



Part 2. Prepare

To Prepare forms, please click on the Prepare link and follow Steps 1-3.


Step 1. System Payment Data - In this step you will be selecting the batches of statements already processed, through GameOfficials.net and/or GOPay, that you want included in the 1099 Batch to submit to the IRS.

  • Click on Retrieve GOPay Data to get info from the statements that were processed previously through GOPay. After clicking on the button, set the GOPay Filters listed on the 1099 GOPay Data page.You are able to select specific dates, statement batches and tax entity.
  • Click on Retrieve Non-Gopay Data to get info from statements that were not processed / paid through GOPay.

By default, all totals that are retrieved from the system will be added to Box 7 on the 1099-Misc form.This can be adjusted later in the process.


Step 2.Recipients (Payees) - This step allows you to Manage the Recipients of the 1099’s. You are able to manage amounts, contact info and/or add new recipients. The list of people will come from the batches you selected in Step 1 and the ones you add here in Step 2.

·Managing Amounts & Contact Info - You are able to manage the users Tax ID information and amounts by clicking on the Tax ID next to their name. Click on this to get to the 1099 Recipient Maintenance Screen.

·On the 1099 Recipient Maintenance Screen, all information in red is required.This area allows you to enter Nonemployee Compensation, Box 7, and Other Income, Box 3 on the 1099. The box 7 total and the box 3 total will be added together to get the final 1099 total and to determine whether the 1099 meets the filing minimum threshold. A detail of the System Total is given at the bottom of this screen.

·Adding a New Recipient - Click to add a New Recipient. Complete the form, making sure to fill out all of the red boxes. To enter an amount in Box 3 or Box 7, a note is required. Save.

On the 1099 Recipient Data page, you will see the list of user records. All users that made over the filing minimum will appear at the top of the screen.All users that are listed at the top should have a green check mark next to their Tax ID. If they do not have a green check mark, you will need to click on their Tax ID and be sure all info is correct. If you added a recipient, their name will appear in blue. If you do not want to file a 1099 on a user that is above the filing minimum, you can check the HOLD box to the right of the User’s name. Users on Hold will NOT be filed.

Step 3.Close 1099 Batch - This step will Lock the data from Steps 1 & 2 and will allow the Batch to be Filed and/or Printed for Federal and State Filing Purposes.

·Click on Close Batch - To close a batch, you should review the Batch Payor Information and the User Records to ensure accuracy. Read and Sign the IRS 1099 Filing Authorization.


Part 3. File / Print

To File / Print forms, please click on the File / Print link and follow Steps 1-4.

Step 1. Recipient Copies – In this step, you will choose between two options to print & mail 1099 copies to each recipient.

·Option 1- Print and Mail for Me – GameOfficials.net will print and mail forms to selected recipients. You can select the mailing preferences for each recipient by clicking on Continue to Confirm Mailing Preferences.You must do this before any forms will be printed or mailed. Select whether you want the recipient of the 1099 to get mailed a copy; or whether you want the recipient to only get an electronic copy; or whether you want the recipient of the 1099 to decide between getting the 1099 electronically or by mail. If a recipient does not agree to receive their 1099 electronically, a $3.00 fee will be included on the next group invoice for each mailed 1099 recipient copy. ALL 1099 forms that are generated will be available electronically through the system, under My Payments, or through our 1099 Portal.

·Option 2 – I will Print and Mail – Select this option to print the forms on your printer. Forms can be printed on plain printer paper.  Click Continue to print the 1099 recipient copies. Refer to IRS guidelines for special envelope and mailing requirements.

·Once an option has been selected, check the box on the left to mark the step as Complete.

·If you would like to change the option you selected, click on Change next to Step 1 Recipient Copies. You will be able to change your selection as long as no records have been mailed by GameOfficials.net.


Step 2. File Federal Tax Forms -In this step, you will choose between two options to file your federal forms.

·Option 1 – e-File Federal / State Forms - File Federal 1099 data electronically through GameOfficials.net. Federal copies (Copy A) do not need to be printed and a 1096 does not need to be filed. State e-Filing may also be available. Click on Select and then Continue to begin e-Filing.

oAll recipients that have met the Batch Filing Minimum (Set up in Step1) will appear on this page to file.

oTo federally e-file the 1099 forms, there will be a $.50 charge, per form.If your state participates in e-Filing, you can select to e-File the state copies for an additional $.10 per record.If your state does not e-File, you will have an option to print the State Forms in Step 3. Click the button at the bottom of the page to Confirm the e-Files. You will not be charged until the records have been filed. The 2013 Filing Schedule is February 28 and March 29 (Subject to Change).

·Option 2 – I Will Print and File Federal Copies - Requires red, pre-printed commercial 1099 forms for mailing to the IRS. You will also need to manually fill out and file the accompanying 1096 Form. The IRS does not accept paper filing for batches over 249 forms. Click on Select, choose how many forms you want printed per page, then click Print.For your convenience, we have provided a Federal Instruction Page for you to view.

·If you would like to change the option you selected, click on Change next to Step 2 File Federal Tax Forms. You will be able to change your selection as long as no records have been e-Filed by GameOfficials.net.


Step 3. File State Tax Forms – If you did not select to e-File your state forms in Step 2, you will need to make a selection on how to file your State Tax Forms.


·Option 1 – e-File State Forms – You can Click Select to e-File, however, you will need to go back to Step 2 to e-File your State Forms. If your state allows e-Filing, you will be able to make the selection here. If your state does not allow e-filing, you will need to select Option 2 in this Step.

·Option 2 - I Will Print & File State Copies - Some states may not require you to file a State Copy. Consult a Tax Professional for assistance with the reporting requirements in your State.Click on Select to choose this Option. Choose the Paper Type the number of Forms to Print Per Page and then click Print.

·If you would like to change the option you selected, click on Change next to Step 3 File State Tax Forms. You will be able to change your selection as long as no records have been e-Filed by GameOfficials.net.


Step 4. Payor Copies - Print a hardcopy of Copy C for your records or Save a record of the Batch as an XLS/CSV File. You can Save the Batch as an XLS/CSV file by clicking on Export below the Print button.


Batches Processed for 3rd Parties

Additional charges that are incurred during the 1099 Service will be added to the next Group Invoice. 1099 Batches can be processed for 3rd parties (Leagues, etc) but there is not currently a way to separate the 1099 Service Fees and bill them to a 3rd Party directly from the System. The charges will be added to the Group Invoice and the Group would be responsible for ensuring that the Invoice is paid. However, a 3rd Party can send a check/payment to PAS for their portion of the Invoice if it is marked with the Invoice or Group Number so payment can be applied properly.


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