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Accept / Decline Games via Mobile Device

Be sure to review our Accept / Decline via Email article by clicking HERE.

How to Accept/Decline via Text Message:

If you receive a New Game notice for a game on your mobile device, you can accept or decline the game by replying to the message. This will allow you to accept or decline games when you do not have time or are not able to log into GameOfficials.net.

To accept or decline by mobile device, simply reply to the message and type "accept" or "decline" in the body of the message. It is not case-sensitive.

In order to process correctly, your carrier must send the text of the original message along with your reply. If your carrier does not send the original message with your reply, you will need to follow the alternate process below. 

You should test this function when you first receive a New Game notice to find out if it works correctly for you.


After you reply to the message, you should receive a confirmation if your request was processed correctly (usually within 15 minutes). 

If you reply and do not receive confirmation within 15-30 minutes, contact your assignor for more information. The confirmation email will be sent to your standard email address and NOT to your mobile device. This may change in the future, but for now, please check your regular email for confirmation when possible.

Do not enter messages or notes in the reply. Only type "accept" or "decline" in the body of the text message

Alternate Process:

NOTE: If your carrier does not include the original text of the message when you reply, you will need to follow the procedures below (Verizon):

Review the original message that is sent. It should look something like this:

Apr 4 2011 3:00PM U14-M CENTURY SPORTS COMPLEX-([ BEARS ] vs [ LIONS ]) (Referee) [GM #ABC-12345#]

At the end of the message you will see a Game Number listed in Pound Signs (#).  In the example above the Game Number is ABC-12345.  For Verizon and other carriers, you will need to reply with Accept or Decline along with the Game Number as follows:

accept #ABC-12345#

The last pound sign is not required but is suggested.  You must include the first pound sign or it will not work. 

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