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Adding New Users

When adding a new user, be sure that you are in your Group Admin identity.

1. Go to Group Maint : Users

2. Click to add a New User

3. Enter the new user’s first and last name. You’ll be able to search the system for an existing log in. 
                   ~ If they DO have an existing log in, click their name to add them to your group. You’ll then need
                      to specify their log in information for your group under Login Information

                    ~ If they DO NOT have an existing log in, press Click to Add ___ to the system.

4. Once you’ve added them to the system, enter a generic username and temporary password and be sure to enter an email address for them under Contact Info. When they log in, they’ll be able to change both their username and password if they desire.
Also under Login Information, be sure to specify their user type in your group, whether that be an assignor, treasurer, officer, team user, etc. 

NOTE: If you want the new user to be a group admin for your group, please contact GameOfficials.net so we can set that user type for them. 

How can the system create a username and password?

The system can create a generic username and/or password for your users IF they have an email contact in their profile. 
To do this:

1. Group Maint : Users : Click to show additional options:

2. Click to Create a Login for all users without a current login

3. At the top of the page, you can select which kind of users you are wanting to create usernames/passwords for. 
You can select how you want their username set up (firstname.lastname, email, etc) and what kind of password to send them. Be sure the box next to Email Notification is checked. Adding a message to the email is optional. 

4. A list of your specified users will be listed at the bottom of this page. Check the boxes next to each user the username and password criteria apply to and hit save. An email will be sent to each user letting them know of their username and password. They can choose to change either when they log in.

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