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Game Scores - Click on a Game # to input Game Scores.  Enter the score for the home and away teams in the proper text boxes.  If you do not know the score or are not able to post it at this time, click the "Do Not Post This Score" checkbox.

Travel Information - Click on a Game # to enter the one way mileage to the location complex of the game.  If you do not know the mileage or are not able to post it at this time, click the "Do Not Post Mileage" checkbox.

Game Summary Information - By clicking the Game #, you are able to get the attention of the Admin users by selecting the radio button YES "Needs Attention".  If an incident report is needed for a matter in this game, select the YES radio button, and complete a separate Game Report from the After Games Home Page.  You are able to enter Summary Notes about this game in the box provided.  This will be visible to Admin Users. 

Make sure to Save all Modified Game Details located at the bottom of the page.

From this page you can view Official’s Feedback and Assessment Summaries.  Just click the link at the top of the page to view feedback or assessments.


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