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Assessor Settings

Group Setup : Assessor Settings


Assessor Admin Information

Allows you to enter the Primary Assessor Admin’s name and email address, as well as, the Alternate Assessor Admin’s name and email address.  This information is used when sending Auto-Emails to Assessor Admins based on the System Email Options set here.

System Email Options 

Allow you to send nightly email notification of unaccepted games to Assessors. A variety of notifications can be matched up with the Assessor Admins and/or Assessors (Ex: New Game Assignments, Unassigned From Game, Game Detail Changes, Reminders, Cancellations or Declines). These reminders can be set to go out a specific number of days in advance using the Reminder Email Days  text box (located under Group Setup : Assignor Settings : Edit Settings).


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