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Assign - Game (Batch Assign Approved Games)

Main Menu : Assign - Game : Batch Assign All Approved Games Below


Use the Game Filters, top left of the screen, to filter the games you want to assign.

Batch Game Maintenance:

By choosing ’Batch Assign All Approved Games’, you have the option to sort the list of Officials by Name, Association, or Grade, and various combinations of the three. To sort and view the game list by Game # (see below), Date & Time, or Location, click the desired heading. The current mode is reflected by an arrow symbol in the column heading.


To Assign a Game, click on TBD under the officials column.  The pop-up box contains a list of filtered officials for the league this game is associated with.  To change the filter settings, please go to 

Leagues : Choose a League : Assignor Filter Options.

At the bottom of the list you can ’Publish All Tentative Assignments’ by clicking the box before you SAVE your changes.

Preserve Official’s Current Status When Possible

This only applies when using the Move, Copy, or Swap Crew functions. If an official’s current status is preserved, the changes are minimal and the official is not notified (because the change does not disrupt his/her current assignment).


Override Assigning Page (Game Maintenance - Officials)

The Game # links you to the Game Information page. Here, you can click the ’Edit’ button next to Officials. This brings you to the Game Maintenance - Officials page, aka the override screen.

You are able to assign officials to this game as well as manually set their status by checking the appropriate box. 

Self Assign

Please click HERE for more information on our new Individual Game Self Assign Feature.

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