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Assign - Game (Batch Crew Changes)

Main Menu : Assign - Game : Batch Assign All Approved Games Below


Batch Game Maintenance:

The Official column lists the status and official’s name (if assigned) for each position attached to the game. To change, or assign, an individual position while on this page, click the text beside a position and choose from the options in the list that pops up. If you want to view the pop-up box and the Officials column at the same time, reposition the box by grabbing it at the top (left click on mouse) and continue to hold the mouse button down until you drag and position elsewhere on the screen. It will default back to the original position after it is closed.

Batch Crew Changes

Move an entire crew to another game, duplicate the crew on a different game, or swap previously assigned crews between games. You can move, copy, or swap crews between games only if they are displayed on the Batch maintenance page at the same time.

Choose the crew you want to move or copy, and click the MOV/CPY/SWP text link in the ’Teams’ column of that game. An option to cancel will appear in its place until you complete the next step. Next, click the black crew icon (multiple officials) of the game where you want to place the crew. Changes are not in the system until you click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of the page you can Publish All Tentative Assignments by clicking the box before you SAVE your changes.

Preserve Official’s Current Status When Possible

This only applies when using the Move, Copy, or Swap Crew functions. If an official’s current status is preserved, the changes are minimal and the official is not notified (because the change does not disrupt his/her current assignment).


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