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Assigning by Official

Using the alphabet menu, pull up a list of officials according to last name (click a letter on the alphabet menu), a list of all officials (click ALL)

You can utilize the Game Filters at the top when assigning.

Single vs Batch

The steps you take to assign are similar in both Single and Batch mode. 

To assign an official, click the position (in the Officials column) that corresponds to the game (each game has its own row). Remove an official by clicking (Remove). At the bottom of the list of games, Click To Publish Tentative Assignments for (this official).

The way the system processes Single and Batch modes, however, is NOT the same.

In Single mode, the system refreshes the page with each assignment change so that what you see in Single mode is what is saved

In contrast, multiple assignments can be changed multiple times in Batch mode, and although you will see the changes as you go, nothing is saved to the system in Batch mode until the SAVE Games button is clicked.

Filtered vs All Games

To view only the available games that this official qualifies for (according to the system’s filter settings for this association), click the ’Filtered’ link. Click the All Games link to return to the full list. Both links display the number of games in that will be listed.


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