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Assignor Priorities

Assignor Priorities are used to prioritize assignors when multiple assignors have access to a game. The Assignor of Record is determined by priority first and then by the number of filter options (league, location, age, etc) for the given rule. In other words, an entry with more specific filters (more options selected) will rank higher that an identical priority with fewer options. 

The Filters allow you to specify Sports, Leagues, Location Areas, Complexes, Locations, Age Groups, etc. that an Assignor has access to. Unless specifically restricted, Assignors will be able to see all games in the system, but will not be able to edit games unless explicitly granted permission on this page. 

Position Access is used to restrict an Assignor from Assigning and Publishing certain positions on games. If the Permission Level is set to View, the Position Access is not applicable. 

NOTEIf an Assignor has more than one filter that applies to a game with a Position or Permission Level restriction, the least restrictive filter will apply. In other words, if a user has access to Publish all positions for a specific complex but only access to Assign for a league that is playing a game at that complex, the Assignor will be able to Publish a game that he/she would not normally be able to.**

Priority Ranking Explanation 
Primary - Assignor with the most "filter options" will be selected if more than one assignor is listed at this level. For example, a Primary Assignor designated for a specific League will take precedence over a Primary Assignor with Full Access (no specific filter options). 
Backup (1 & 2) - Option to designate Assignors that generally are not listed as the Assignor of Record, but have access to edit assignments to assist the Primary Assignor. Backup #1 has higher priority than Backup #2.
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