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The Auto-Assign Feature allows the system to make official’s assignments, based on the filters set under Assignor Settings and League Settings.  

The Auto-Assign will attempt to fill all of the positions on the page, but may not be able to. The Assignor will need to manually assign the positions the system could not auto-assign.  You will have the opportunity to review these assignments before they are published.  

Once you save the Auto-Assign assignments, the system will set the game to ’tentative’ or ’published’, depending on what is set in the Assignor Settings.

Main Menu : Assign-Auto

1.  Select your Game Filters. 

In Auto-Assign, you can choose which Age/level you want assigned.  Some people want to manually assign their harder level games and let the Auto Assign run for their games of lower importance.  

For Example, if you choose the age entitled JV, and select the dates, the games that will appear will be only JV games for you to Auto Assign.  If you would like to Auto-Assign all of your games EXCEPT Varsity, click on Select All next to Ages and uncheck the Varsity box.  Now all of your games will appear to Auto-Assign unless they have an age set to Varsity.

2.  Once the filters have been set and the games appear on the screen, you will need to begin the Auto-Assign Process at the top of the page. 

  • Max Difficulty Difference-This is the difference between the officials difficulty and the game difficulty.  You can keep this as an exact match only, or choose how many levels different the official difficulty can be from the game difficulty.  You can read more info about this here.
  • Max Games Per Day-This lets the Auto-Assign know the maximum number of games each official can be assigned in a day, no limit is an option.
  • Max Games Per Week-This lets the Auto-Assign know the maximum number of games each official can be assigned in a week, no limit is an option.
Once a list of filtered Officials is determined, the list is randomized for each pass through the Auto Assign (Pos 1, Pos 2, Pos 3, etc). So it’s a random order for Pos 1, a different random order for Pos 2, and so on.

3.  When you have set the Auto-Assign parameters, click on Auto Assign All Games Below.  You will receive this message:

All new assignments will be entered as Tentative so that they can be reviewed before they are released to the Officials. The system will attempt to Auto Assign as many games as possible, however, there may be some assignments that the system is not able to fill. Someone will need to manually assign those positions.


Please be patient as this may take several minutes to complete (depending on the number of games being assigned and other activity on the servers).

Click OK if you would like to continue.

4.  The Auto-Assign will come back and let you know how many assignments it was able to make.  In this step, you will review the assignments.  If you are happy with them, you can click to post the assignments.  If not, you can Cancel the Auto Assign Session and start again.

If you choose to post the assignments, this is the message you will receive:

All "Blue" Assignments below will be posted to the game(s). You will be able to make changes to any assignments once this process is complete.

Please be patient as this may take several minutes to complete (depending on the number of assignments being posted and other activity on the servers). 

Are you sure you want to post the "Blue" Assignments below?

5.  If you post the assignments, they will be tentative.  You will need to make sure you review and publish the assignments.


Auto-Assigning is for Pro-Version users Only and by request.  Please contact support@gameofficials.net if you would like this feature.

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