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Auto E-mail Question (Game Changes)


Could you explain to me exactly when automated emails are sent to officials?  I was under the impression that when I had assigned a game and then went back and made changes to the game (cancel, change fields, times, etc) the officials that had been assigned would be auto notified.   Some of our refs are telling me that they have not received emails regarding these changes.



 In order for auto emails to be sent, four things need to be true prior to the change taking place:

  1. The "Allow Instant Emails" option must be enabled (Group Setup : Assignor Settings)
  2. The specific action you want communicated must be enabled (Detail Changes, Cancellations, etc)
  3. The official’s status on the game must be Assigned or Accepted (Tentative or Declined Officials will not be sent emails)
  4. You must not check the "Minor Change" box when making the game detail changes (This prevents emails from being sent)

If all of the preceding items are true, then the system will automatically send emails to all applicable officials on the game.  If officials are not receiving the emails, there are a couple of potential causes.

  • The official is unable to receive emails from the email address auto@gameofficials.net due to spam or other filters - The address must be added to the official’s address book or to the acceptable list of addresses (resolution of this issue varies based on what software or filter is blocking the address)
  • The email address(es) listed for the official are not correct. - Check the email address(es) listed for the official in the Official maintenance area
  • There is a temporary problem with the official’s email server or email client. - Wait and try again later or check with your Internet/email Server Provider for more information (resolution of this issue varies based on who the ISP is)

If you want to verify whether emails have been sent out after a change was made, you can view the profile of an individual official and see what auto emails have been sent in the last 7 days.  To do this, click Officials, then click the Info bubble next to the official.  The email information is listed at the very bottom of the page.  You need to allow at least 15 minutes after the change was made to verify the email information as the information is only updated every 15 minutes.


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