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Auto E-mail Question (New Games)


If I turn the automatic notification feature off while I work on the assignments and then turn it back on once I’m done, will the system then notify the referees of their assigned games?

Reason for the question... I’d like to do the initial assigning in the system, then check for conflicts (assignor alerts), then send the repaired assignments out once I’ve had a chance to fix the problems that will undoubtedly arise.



There are several solutions to your question.

We will assume (based on the question) that you are operating with New Official Assignments in Assigned-Published mode.  If that is the case, then as you described, you can turn off all notifications, do your assignments, make changes, and then turn on the notifications.  

This would result in New Game emails being sent to your officials after you turned the notices back on and no Change notifications going out.  However, this method has a slight vulnerability since any official that was logged in at the time could actually see his/her assignments after you made them initially and while you are making changes.  Officials could actually accept assignments before you are done with them.

The best solution is actually to change your New Official Assignments to Tentative-Unpublished mode 

Group Setup : Assignor Settings : Add/Edit Settings

Then, when you make each new assignment, it will go in to the system as Tentative instead of Assigned.  This means each official will show up with the gray icon instead of black.  A tentative assignment means that the official can not see the assignment when logged in, does not get any notification emails, and will not be notified of game detail changes.  

The Assignor Alerts take tentative assignments into account so you can assign games, run alerts, make changes, and then publish the schedule when you are ready. That is the cleanest and most secure way to accomplish what you are looking for.  

The New Game emails do not go out until the games are actually published so you can leave the Email Notification turned on at all times.

****Note: To publish assignments after they have been reviewed and verified, you need to pull up the list of games as if you were going to Batch Assign the officials.  This can be done under Assign-Games or under the Games link.   Assign-Games lets you filter out by date, age level, location, and other criteria.  This gives you the flexibility to publish only part of your schedule at a time.  However, to publish an entire schedule for a day, click the Batch Assign link for that day.  If there are any tentative assignments in the list of loaded games, there will be a "Publish Tentative Assignments" checkbox at the bottom of the page.  To publish all assignments, click the "Publish" checkbox and click Save.  All assignments on that page will be published. ****


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