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Availability - Getting Started

The default mode (Single-Month) of Availability entry has one Calendar month at the left and the New Availability entry form on the right hand side. 

Multiple-Month Mode is more advanced and can be accessed at any time using the link in the upper right-hand area of the screen (you can click the link again to return to Single-Month Mode). In Multi-Mode you can navigate from month-to-month by clicking the "Next" () or "Prev" () links or by selecting a month from the pull-down menu below the three calendars.

Colors - Dates before today are not marked with availability information because previous block information is not used in the system. Dates on or after today that include an entry are color coded (click the ’Need Instructions?’ link to see the Legend).
Game Dates - Dates that have games scheduled are highlighted with a blue border. These are the dates that need the availability entered. Filling in information for other dates is only useful if games are added  to the system on those dates.

Clicking Dates - The New Availability Entry form reflects the date of the calendar date that is clicked. Click the radio button (the circular check box) to the left of the word Start or End before clicking on a calendar date and the date will fill in for that box. 
Add Entry - The "Add Entry" link opens the availability form.

Cancel Entry - When the availability form is open, the "Cancel Modify" link closes the form and the data listed in the form will not be saved in the system.

Cancel and Reset the Form -  Use this link to clear the form and begin again.


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