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Cancellations and Rescheduling


By default, the system pays referees for canceled games.  If you have a game that has been cancelled, referees will still get paid for it.

If you are cancelling a game and do not want to pay the referee but you still want the data listed in the site, you need to use Status Reasons.

Group Setup: Status Reasons: Click to Add a New Status Reason 

Status Reasons are used for designating games with specific cancellation reasons, billing categories, etc. The percentages are applied to the pay scale that normally applies to each game. Enter any notes that may apply to this status reason.

Click HERE to learn more.


The only reason you would unassign the refs in the scenario of a cancellation, is if you are rescheduling the game.

If you want to reschedule the original game, but with new referees, you need to unassign the previous refs assigned to that game:

Main Menu: Assign – Game: Set the Game Filters : UNPUBLISH All (Set Assignments below to Tentative): UNASSIGN All Tentative Assignments Below. 

To reassign different refs for that particular game, click on:

Main Menu : Assign - Game : Batch Assign All Approved Games Below

Rescheduling Single Game:

If you are wanting to reschedule one game at a time or just a single game, you can do so by going to any Games Page under Main Menu and click on the game number. You’ll then need to click on ’Edit Details’ at the top right. Then you can change the date/time or any other details that need to be fixed.

Copy Games:

You are always able to copy games by going to

Main Menu: Games: Click game #: Click Copy at the top right: Save

You only need to copy games if they are going to be played again and the original game has referees that are getting paid on it, or the original game needs to be preserved in the system in its original status.


Batch Editing

If you have several games at once to change game information for, go to:

Main Menu: Games – Batch: Edit All Details. 

Here you can edit the game dates, age levels, locations, and teams for multiple games at once.

If you want to move all game dates by a certain amount of time, under Batch Change of Date/Time, you can choose to move your games by Days, Hours, and minutes.  Click on MOVE Game Dates and always SAVE at the bottom of the screen. 

Click HERE for more information on Batch Edit.

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