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To make it to where only certain officials show up for certain types of games, you will need to turn certifications on. 

To turn on:

Group Maint : Leagues : Click on League you want certain officials on : Expand Assignor Filter Options : Turn Certified Officials to All Games

Make sure you turn this on for each league that needs this setting.


Choosing Certified Officials:

Main Menu : Officials : Scroll Down to Click to Show Additional Options : Certifications : Click on league : Check the box next to the officials you want for this league

Now, only they will show up when assigning for this league.


If you are using Certification as an Assignor Filter you must Certify your officials to work in the various leagues/seasons you have created. To manage the Certifications, click on a League/Season.  You are now able to certify applicable officials.  Make sure to Save your modifications.

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