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Contact Info Privacy For Minors

In an effort to maintain a safe, secure atmosphere for all users of GameOfficials.net, we have a policy which affects all officials under the age of 18.

In the past, all users had an option to hide any of their contact information (address, phone #’s, email addresses) from other officials. The information was still visible to assignors and admin users to perform system functions. This has been modified slightly as described below:

  - All users still have the option to hide contact information of their choosing 

  - Contact information for officials 13 years old and younger will now be automatically hidden from other officials

  - Officials between the ages of 14 and 17 will have the option to display their contact information, but will be prompted to hide any visible information each time they edit their profile

Contact information stored in GameOfficials.net is not publicly available, is not sold or given to 3rd parties, and is only visible to registered users of the system. These changes were made in an effort to provide yet another layer of protection for our younger officials.

GameOfficials.net is committed to protecting your personal information and welcomes any comments or questions related to privacy or security.

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