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You will need to get the Age Keys and Location Keys from Demosphere. You can enter these keys under each location and age group under External Interface Keys. Once the keys are entered, you can run the Initial Sync by going to Group Maint : Leagues : Additional Options : Click to Manage External Interfaces : Enter the link and check the box to Perform Initial Sync. 

The link should follow these rules:

http://www . DOMAIN /scripts/runisa.dll?M2:gp:: JOBID +Elements/DisplayBlank+E+57620+RecentChanges/+ SEASONKEY +-1

Domain = the client specific domain where the Demosphere scheduling system is being hosted

The other two highlighted numbers can be found by navigating to the Scheduling Admin element and clicking on the season in question:

JOBID = a 5 digit number that can be found in the URL when looking at the proper season in the Scheduling Admin element
SEASONKEY = an 8+ digit number at the end of the URL when looking at the proper season in the Scheduling Admin element

An example: The URL for this year is then:

That URL should contain all the info you need, including field and team keys.

If there are any errors found after the sync, you will find them in the Import section of the site, Group Maint : Import : Auto-Import. You will need to review the errors and correct any of the info that is missing or that is creating the error. The info can then be re queued and the game will sync over. 

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