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Does Game Difficulty apply to the Center, AR, or both?

The "Assigning Philosophy" of the system is that there is a single difficulty for each game. 

Because the crew should be working together on a game, we consider the difficulty of the game overall and not as individual positions. In other words, we don’t say this is a "really easy game" for an AR but tough on the ref. The concept is that if it’s a tough game in the center, you need equally qualified AR’s to assist. 

There are many cases where officials could do really high level AR’s but would not be able to handle those same games in the center. We believe that most Assignors would think in terms of matching the skill level of the Officials with the game as an Easy, Difficult, etc game as a whole.

Because of the concepts mentioned above, two difficulties for a single game is not necessary. Each game is assigned a difficulty ranking based on your system setup (by age or team). The Batch Assign and Auto Assign filters work the same way and match the Ref or AR difficulty of each Official with the Difficulty of the game to determine who is eligible. 

For example, if a game is a 6 of 10, it would eliminate any Officials that had lower than a 6 out of 10 in the Ref difficulty for Position 1 and would exclude any officials that had lower than 6 / 10 in the AR difficulty for Positions (2 + 3). So if you had an Official that was a 5 / 10 on Ref and 8 / 10 on AR, then that Official would show up as eligible for AR but not for Ref. 

The Auto Assign does take this into account and uses the various Difficulty Rankings appropriately. 
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