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External Assigning

External Assigning allows an assignor to assign games without having to be logged into GameOfficials.net.  This feature is helpful when the internet is not accessible.  

Microsoft Excel will be needed to externally assign.


Main Menu : Assign-Game : Export Games Below for External Assigning

Make sure the Game Filters have been adjusted to view the games that are needing to be exported for external assigning.  Once the parameters are set in the filters and the Export Games Below for External Assigning has been clicked,  an Excel Template will appear.  This template will include all the game details of the games that have been selected.  All assigning should be done within this template. 

Make sure to save this file in a familiar area, as it will be needed to import the assignments made back into the system.  This feature can be used for assigning officials and assessors.


Group Maint : Import : Game Assignments: Officials or Assessors

To import assignments into the system, the template that was exported out of the system will need to be used.  For detailed instructions, click here.  Click on the ’Browse’ button to locate the Excel file from your local machine.  Click on the ’Upload Data’ button when the template is located to send the file to the server for processing.  

Please be patient during this process.  It make take a few minutes depending on the size of the file.

Review the assignments and if the information is what was expected, Import Data.

Click to continue through the Import Wizard.  Click on Edit next to Set Officials.  Make sure the Imported values for the officials on the left match the GameOfficials.net Values for the officials on the right.  Click on ’Save Game Assignment Details’ when the values match.

The total number of Pending Game Assignments is displayed, as well as a link to Preview the Current Import Details. 

Once the mapping of all the data is complete, click on the Import Game Assignments and Reset Wizard button.  To start over, simply click on the red ’Click to delete Pending Imported Game Assignments’ and ’Start Over’.  The import will override any existing assignments regardless of whether officials have accepted their assignments or not.  

If an individual assignment is not being changed, the official’s status will remain the same. Make sure this is what is wanting to be done.

Assignments will be made according to the parameters set in Assignor Settings.  Check the New Official Assignments to know whether the official’s assignments will be set as tentative or accepted.

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