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How to Setup Forfeit Instructions:

You will need to go to your league settings & set up a DEFAULT forfeit score for each League as needed.

Group Maint : Leagues : Select League : Expand Officials/After Game Options

Under ’After Game Settings’ you can edit the forfeit instructions.

You can either put in the automatic scores for NON-Forfeit & Forfeit teams, or you can leave the boxes blank to allow officials to enter the forfeit score. Save.

You may want to let your officials know what to do when a team forfeits, since each league is slightly different. 

To allow forfeit scores to be entered, be sure the ’Allow Forfeit Score’ box is checked in your league settings.

How to put in a Forfeit score:

Main Menu : After Games : Select Game : Select which team forfeit from the drop down bar

If an automatic score was put in the league settings, you do not need to do anything further.

If, however, the Final Scores are still left blank, you are to put in the scores manually.

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