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Game Approval Process

External Users

The Game Approval Feature is used for External users (Team Users, Team Group Users and League Users)  

The Game Approval Process is used by external users that add or edit their own games.  Once a game has been added, the game status will be set to Approved or Pending.  The status will appear Approved if your site allows external users to add games without admin approval.  The status will appear as Pending if you have the box checked to Force Admin Approval.  

Force Admin Approval option:

Group Setup : Assignor Settings : Edit Settings : External Game Entry Parameters : Force New Game Approval Force (an Admin user to Approve all new Games entered by Leagues, Teams Groups, and Teams).

When a game comes into the system as Pending, an Admin will be able to Approve it on any of the Game or Assigning Screens by checking the box next to the green check mark or Decline it by checking next to the red X.  Once the Admin has Approved or Declined the game, click Save at the bottom of the page. 

Admins can view only Pending Games by clicking on Main Menu : Games : Pending. 

Internal Users:

The Game Approval Process can also be used for Non-Assignor - Internal Users, with a few different rules.  

Internal Users have more privileges then External Users.  If an Internal User has the Permission to Add games, they will be able to add a game and set the game status (approved, pending, etc).  The Admin will need to let these users know how they want the games entered, whether it is approved, pending, etc.  This is an extra privilege an Internal User has over an External User.  

If an Internal User is not an Assignor but has permission to Edit games, the edited game will automatically be set to a Pending Status if the main details of the game were changed (date, time, location, ages/level or teams).  

These Internal Users will have access to ALL leagues.  

This will eliminate switching between user types or Leagues.  Even though Internal Users are not subject to the Force Admin Approval Setting, any non-Assignors are subject to the Max Complex Rule (see description below).

The Max Complex Rule 

The Max Complex Rule applies to both Internal and External Users, minus Assignors. 

It will automatically set new games to Pending Status if the number of Complexes has been exceeded for the day of the new game.  

You can specify the number of complexes your group can handle in a day by going to 

Group Setup : Assignor Settings : Edit Settings : External Game Entry Parameters : Max Complexes Per Day.  

This is a global setting in the system, which means, enter the number of complexes your entire group can handle on the specific day.  


If you enter 2 in the Monday Box, External and Internal (non-Assignor) Users will only be able to add games for 2 complexes.  If they enter a game for a 3rd complex on a Monday, it will automatically be set to a Pending Status.  Leave the zeros in place if you do not wish to use this feature.

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