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Game Pay

Game Pay Information

Group Maint : Game Pay : Maintain Game Pay Scale : Click to Add a New Pay Scale 

You may need different pay scales at different times, so after selecting the appropriate League, determine which game type you will apply this pay scale to your regular season, a tournament, a playoff, or other. 

Continue by setting the game age/level, or leave as N/A if ages/levels do not apply in this situation.

Officials Pay Information

The officials pay setup allows as many as four officials and as few as one official per game. 

The initial amount entered in each column will fill (downward) automatically into blank spaces in that column. If you modify entries, the boxes below that match the amount you are changing will change also.


Each row automatically calculates its Total. When you are ready, transfer Total to the Bill Amt column. To transfer by individual row, click the  symbol. To transfer all rows at once, click  (at top of column).



Assignor Fee Information

Use this section only if you bill the Officials for these fees.

Consider the League and game type you are assigning. Will you use a Flat rate ($) or a Percentage of Game Fee (%) for your Fee Method? Will you Bill To the Official or to the Game?

Bill To Official: Fee is deducted from Officials pay
Bill To Game: Fee is added to the Bill Amt and charged to responsible party

The Fee Amount is the amount that the Assignor will receive for each game. Enter a dollar amount or a percentage, based on what you selected as your Fee Method.

If you have additional Game Pay Scales to add, click the Quick Add box before you SAVE this work.


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