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GameOfficials.net Billing Terms

GameOfficials.net has always prided itself on being customer-friendly in regards to payments and invoicing. To continue to offer a great service at great rates, we have implemented some changes to the Billing Process effective February 1, 2012. 

Beginning Feb 1, 2012, all Groups were changed to a Monthly Payment Plan. If it was a change for your group, you are required to sign the Service Agreement again with the new Payment Plan. To assist with the changes, we now offer an Auto-Pay option that will allow you to automatically pay your Invoice on the Due Date of your Billing Period. If you are enrolled in Auto-Pay, you will receive a 5% credit to your account for each successful Auto Payment! 

You are still only charged after games have occurred and are not Pre-Billed for annual fees like some vendors. We hope you understand the need for these changes. Most of all, we value your business and we would be happy to discuss alternative solutions if you feel that any of the Terms will be a problem for your Group! Please contact us by email or call us during regular business hours with any questions or concerns. 

Please review the Terms below for more details:
  • All groups will be changed to the Monthly Payment Plan
  • Auto-Pay Bonus: A 5% credit will be posted to your account after each Auto-Payment is posted from a Credit Card or Bank Account
  • Game Fees will be included on the invoice of the 2nd month following the date of the game (i.e. Jan 25th game will be invoiced on Mar 1st)
  • A System Invoice is sent on 1st of each Billing Period depending on your Payment Plan
  • The Invoice is due on the 15th of the Billing Month
  • Groups enrolled in Auto-Pay will be sent a Draft reminder 3 days prior to the Post Date and payment will be Drafted on the 15th (or the next banking day as appropriate)
  • If full payment has not been posted by the 1st of the following Month (approx 30 days), a Late Fee of 5% of the unpaid Invoice Balance or $5.00 will be added to the account (whichever is greater)
  • If full payment has not been posted by the 15th of the Month following the Invoice, a Pending System Shutdown warning will be posted
  • If full payment has not been posted by the 1st of the 2nd Month (approx 60 days), the System will be disabled until the account is paid in full
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