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Depending on the Permissions set for your user type, you may not see some of the following options. 


Officials:  Get a complete list of officials that belong to your association for contact purposes.

Teams:  Get a list of Teams that participate in the leagues you belong to.  Click the info bubble to see contact information for each team.

Locations:  You can get a list of location complexes that your association work with.  By clicking on Driving Directions, you will be able to get a map of the location you are to work at.

Game Pay:  A Pay Scale is available to view for each league in your association that you belong to.  Click on a league to expand and view the pay scale for each position in a crew.

Reports:  Make sure to read the information provided on the Reports Page regarding ScriptX.  This information is imperative when printing a report.

  1. Officials Schedule:  This report provides all of the information pertaining to your scheduled games.  You can choose to view a report according to your approved games, accepted games or both.
  2. Officials Schedule (Full Game Detail):  The difference between this report and the above report is the officials assigned to each game are listed with their contact information.  This is a more user friendly report.  It is easier to read and provides more detailed information than the other reports.
  3. ESTIMATED Pay Sheet:  Enter the dates in the text boxes to get an estimated pay sheet report.  The amounts listed on the report are provided as an estimate only and may change when the actual games are processed.  When reviewing your pay sheet, the game pay includes any Assignor Fees that may be applicable.  Travel Pay is calculated at the time the games are processed (if applicable).
  4. Game Reports (Incidents):  To view Game Incident Reports you will first need to fill in the date boxes.  Select the leagues that you would like to include in the report by selecting them and clicking ADD. You can remove leagues the same way.  Either select a Team from the drop box or select All Teams.  You can do the same for Game Ages and Gender.  Select how you would like the report sorted:  Game/Date/Time, Team name, Game Number.  To receive a complete report that includes all narrative/description of the incident, check the box next to Complete Report.  You will see ALL game reports where you were a member of the crew, even if you did not fill out the report.  Once you have clicked Get Report, you can click on the Information bubble to the left of the number and view the Game Report Information.


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