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Importing-Game Assignments: Officials

Importing Game Assignments for Officials


You have the ability to assign games in an excel spreadsheet and import official’s assignments into the system.  To do this, the games will need to be already entered into the system, whether by import or manually.  The excel spreadsheet containing the games will need to be exported and populated, then Imported back into the system. 

To Export the Excel Spreadsheet, go to 

Assign-Game and click on Export Games Below for External Assigning.  

Make sure to save this file in a familiar place to easily find it when Importing the assignments into the system.  Once the external assigning is complete, the assignments will need to be imported into the system.

To Import:

Group Maint -- Import -- Game Assignments : Officials

Click on the Browse button to select the excel file from your local machine that you want uploaded.  Click to upload data to send the file to the server for processing.  

This process may take a few minutes depending on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection.  Please be patient. 

Review the assignments to make sure the information is what was expected.  

Click to Import Data.  The Import is not finished until the Import Wizard is complete.  Follow the link to continue through the wizard.  Click Edit to make sure the officials with assignments are in the system.  Double check that the Imported Values match the GameOfficials.net Values.  If they do not match, expand the drop down box to locate the correct official.  If the official’s name does not appear in the drop down menu, they will need to be added into the system.  You can do this by clicking on Users under the Group Maint Menu.  

Once the new user is added into the system, go back to the Import Wizard by clicking on Import and continuing with the Wizard under Game Assignments : Officials - Import in Progress.  Select to Edit.  When both values match, click to Save Game Assignment Details.  A check mark will appear next to Status when this part of the wizard is complete.  

It is recommended to Preview the Current Import Details before you Import the Game Assignments by clicking on Click to Preview the Current Import Details.  

Finishing Up

Once you have finished mapping all of your data, click the Import Game Assignments and Reset Wizard to complete the Import of Game Assignments.  

Be sure to read the pop up window to make sure you want to replace any existing assignments already established for these games.  By clicking OK, you will lose any existing assignments regardless of whether officials have accepted their assignments or not.  However, if an individual assignment is not being changed, the Official’s status will remain the same.

To start all over, simply select the red Click to delete Pending Imported Game Assignments and start over.  All data that was saved will be lost and you will have to start at Step 1 of the Import Wizard.

Once the assignments have been Imported, the positions will be marked the same way as if you assigned them in Assign-Game.  

If your settings have been established to set assignments as tentative until published, the system will make all new Imported assignments Tentative until you Publish them from the Assign-Game screen.  If the settings in your group have been established to set game assignments as published, automatic emails will go out to the assigned officials to accept or decline the games.  Please check your parameters in Assignor Settings to make sure the initial status of game assignments is set to your groups standards.


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