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Location Areas


Location areas allow you to associate your complexes with a geographical area or group.

 Group Maint : Location Areas

For example, Atlanta can be divided into North, South, East, & West. Each of your complexes can then be tagged to the appropriate area.

Officials can then select which Location Area they would prefer to work in by editing their Location Preferences. So if they chose North & East, their name would only show up for complexes tagged with North and East when you’re assigning.

It’s important to tag your complexes with their Location Area!

It’s completely up to you on how you utilize Location Areas. You can categorize by Cardinal Regions, Cities, Counties, Zip Codes, Special Areas such as Air Force Bases, etc.


Another great use for Location areas is that it allows you to control what an assignor can view, assign, & publish.

When setting Assignor Priorities, you can filter the assignor’s priorities by area rather than for each complex. You can group several complexes into one Location area and then the assignor would only see those complexes when assigning.

Location Areas not showing on your menu? Make sure the permission is turned on for Location Areas!

If you are going to allow officials to choose which Location Area(s) they prefer to work, be sure to turn their permission on as well by going to:

Group Setup : Permissions : Edit next to Official : Select Edit next to ‘Officials – Location Area Preferences’ : Save


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