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How to Add a Message to a Homepage:

Group Maint :  Msgs/News : Click to Add a New Message / News Item :  Select "Message” from the drop down menu next to Type :  Select all user types eligible to view the message :  Enter the Message Title & Body :  Save.


You can also:

  • Add the Importance to your message by selecting Normal, High, or Critical next to Importance on the Messages Maintenance page.  The system sets the messages to display in order of importance on the user’s Homepage.  If you want the message to already be opened when user’s view the homepage, check the box next to "Default to ‘Opened’ on home page”.
  • Add an Expiration Date if you want the message to automatically drop off your user’s homepage after a specific date.
  • Add Attachments by clicking Click Here to Add a New Attachment at the bottom of the screen. You can enter a description and a password if wanted for the attachments. You can add more than one.  

Passwords can be used to protect the attachments, so users would have to enter the password before they can download it.

**The Password option is a Pro feature**

  • Send the Message as an Email Group Maint : Msgs/News : On the far right of the screen, next to the message you already created, you can select to "Send as Email to:” using the drop-down menu. 
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