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Multiple User Account Issues

Multiple / Single Login

Create a single login for existing users with multiple logins by following these steps:

  1. Choose an existing username to keep as the primary login
  2. In the ’User Logins’ section, delete all other logins currently used by this user only, and DO NOT delete the PRIMARY LOGIN.
  3. Edit the Primary Login and select the additional User Types that apply.
  4. If this user is an Official, League, Team, Team Group, Assignor, or Assessor, the username must be associated with the appropriate Official, League, Team, etc.

Adding Linked Users

Link another user’s Login Account to your system by following these steps:

  1. Go to User Logins and click Show Additional Options (bottom of page).
  2. Click the "Link a GameOfficials.net User to your group" link.
  3. Enter the new username.
  4. Associate the linked user account with a User Type or Team, Official, etc.
  5. If this user has multiple logins, create a single login (see Multiple/Single Login above).

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