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From this page you are able to view all of your Assignors from the different groups that you belong to.  You can switch back and forth between groups from this page or from Change Identity on the Main Menu.  In addition, you can use the other options on this page to join new groups.  If you have trouble joining another group, after reading this tutorial, please contact the Assignor directly.

Your groups are listed at the top of this page.  You can switch between your groups by selecting the SWITCH button located under Current.  You are able to get your assignors contact information by clicking VIEW under Assignor.

Join New Group will allow you to link your account with another Assignor. This will enable you to use your existing account to access games from multiple Assignors without having to use separate log-ins for each Assignor. 

In order to join a new group this way, you must have been given the Group Number and Access Code of the Assignor/Group you wish to join.

Once you have been added to the new Group, the new Group name will be listed in the Group Link Request table. You will be able to switch between Groups with your existing log-in by returning to this page and clicking the "Switch" link to the left of the Group you want to switch to.

Official Link Request has been moved to Change Identity on the Main Menu.


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