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Click on a date range to view games for a specific week/month.  

By clicking "Not Accepted", you are able to view all of your unaccepted games.  

To Accept or Decline a game

Check the appropriate box.  Your assignor may choose to have you accept all games from one day to work any that are assigned to you.  If this your assignor chooses this option, you will not have the option to accept or decline each game.  These will need to be accepted all together or declined all together. You may be required to enter a reason if declining. If you choose to accept the games assigned to you, you will see them listed as accepted on the My Games home page.  

If you decline a game and then wish to accept it, or you accept a game that you would like to now decline, you will need to contact your assignor.

To see the directions to the location of the games you have been assigned to, you can click on the Info bubble to the left of the Accepted Status.  This Info bubble will also provide you with information for the other officials assigned to the game with you. 

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