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User Information

User Information is seen by you, your Assignor and the Group Administrators of your association.  

Your Display name is the name that your assignor will know you by. This is the name that will appear when you are assigned a game. 

Make sure to enter your birthday (mm/dd/yyyy).  It is not necessary to enter your Social Security Number unless your association requires the information for payment purposes.  If it is necessary for you to enter this information, Social Security Numbers are stored in an encrypted format and are not human-readable once this form is submitted.

Contact Information 

Contact Information is required for your association.  

Please enter your address, city, state, zip,  phone numbers and email addresses in the proper text boxes.  

Located next to some of the fields is a box to check if you would like your information private and not displayed to other officials in your association.  Check the box if you would like your information private.  Email 1 will be used as your primary email account.  You can have your Auto Emails sent to any of the email addresses you input.

Email 1 is where your new password or username will be sent to if you forget or misplace it. 

Enter your RefPay.com Username and RefPay.com Account Number in the text boxes if your association has chosen to use RefPay.com to pay their officials.  Your Assignor will let you know if this is applicable to you.

Cell / Pager / Email Notices 

These can be sent to your phone.  You have the option to receive a new email/text for each new game assignment or each new batch of assignments. 

In order to accept/decline games via email or text message, you must select the radio button ’One Per Game’.

To receive text messages to your mobile device, select the carrier (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, etc) of your mobile device from the drop box. If there are multiple entries and you’re not sure which is correct, you can enter your information and click the "Test" link to send a test message. Enter your phone number in the text box without any dashes or slashes.  

Your Carrier may charge for each mobile message sent from the system!

  • New Game Assignments -- You will receive one text message for every new game you have been assigned to.
  • Game Canceled -- Check this box to receive a text message for each game that is canceled that you had been assigned to.
  • Official Unassigned From Game -- By checking this box you will receive a message if your assignor un-assigns you from a previously accepted game.

General Information 

Contains Custom Fields created by your Assignor/Group Administrator and requests a response to each question by entering your information into the text box. 


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