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Notifications Via Cell Phone / Mobile Device

Officials have the option of having certain system notices sent to their cell phone, pager, etc. Officials can configure their settings and select the notices they would like to receive in the "My Info" area.

 Charges may be assessed by your mobile carrier to use this feature! Please consult your carrier for more information about potential charges.

Mobile Notification section:

  • Select the carrier of your phone or device. If your carrier is not listed, then we are unable to send messages to your device.
  • Enter the required phone # or pin # that your device requires. The required info is listed in the select box for your carrier.
  • If there are multiple options for your carrier and you are unsure which one to use, you can send a test message by clicking the "Send Test Msg" link. If you do not receive a message on your mobile device within a few minutes, try one of the other options for your carrier. (Charges from your carrier may apply)
  • Select the type of notices that you wish to receive. 

In addition to simply receiving notices, it may also be possible to accept or decline games by replying to the text messages on your mobile device. If your carrier supports replies and formats the message appropriately, you can simply reply to the message with "accept" or "decline" and GameOfficials.net can automatically accept or decline the game for you. Click here for more information.

Confirmation of the accept/decline status will be sent to a valid email address and not sent to your mobile device. Please test this process before relying on it solely to accept/decline your games.


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