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Official List for Assignors

Manage Custom Official List for Assignors

Main Menu : Officials : Show Additional Options : Click to Manage Custom Official lists for Assignors

By selecting a custom list of Officials for each assignor, the assignors will be able to use a subset of all of the Officials when assigning. 

This could drastically reduce the list of Officials they have to sort through when trying to assign if there are a large number of Officials in the group. 

Each Assignor can manage their own list from this same area as well. An individual Assignor will only be able to edit their own list and they will not be able to edit or view the list of any other Assignor in the group.

Simply choose an assignor from the drop down box and check the box next to the official you would like to add to that assignor’s list.  Make sure to Save the modified official list at the bottom of the screen.


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