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Official Status

An official’s ability to receive game assignments is based on their Status.  

An official has a status of Active by default, this allows officials to receive game assignments, emails, texts, etc.  By setting an official’s status to Disabled, they will not be able to receive assignments from your group.  

Disabled officials will continue to have access into the group for reports, profile maintenance, etc.  To Disable an Official from entering your site, you will need to Disable their User Account under Group Maint : Users.


Main Menu : Officials : Show Additional Options : Status

To change the status of an official click on STATUS.  You may choose to see officials from all leagues or choose a particular League/Season.  Once you have chosen from the drop down box, a list of officials will pop up.  

To DISABLE an official from receiving new assignments, check the box to the left of that official.  

To ENABLE an official once he has been DISABLED, simply uncheck the box next the officials name and save your changes.  

This will show the official is able to receive new assignments.


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