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Main Menu : Officials : Show Additional Options : View Open Games

The View Open Games function allows Officials to view a list of games that have open positions. 

This is generally used to allow certain Officials the option to request games that they would like to do. 

This feature is disabled by default for all Officials. You can enable this feature for some or all of your officials by selecting the appropriate values on the Maintenance screen. You may select by all officials or by individual league/seasons.  Select your permissions for each official to be able to view games only, games and positions, or no view of the games and positions.  

Make sure to SAVE your open game permissions.

If you are using the Self-Assign (Request) Feature, the View Open Games Feature can be still be used.  

By turning the feature on, officials will be able to view ALL games with an open position.  This is different than the Self-Assign Feature, which only allows the view of games the official can ref based on the Assignor Filters set under League Settings (availability, difficulty, location preferences, game conflicts, etc).


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