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Pay Groups

Pay Groups will allow you to set up custom Pay Scales for one or more Officials. This can be done to pay officials by Grade/Rank, League Tenure, etc. 

This only applies to Pro Version groups.

Group Maint : Game Pay : Maintain Pay Groups and add a new group


From that same area, you can add Officials to the group. You can add as many or as few Officials as you want to a Pay Group. Once the Group has been defined you can go to the Pay Scale setup and add a new Pay Scale and select a Pay Group that it applies to. 

When creating Statements, the system will use any custom Pay Scales first and if none are found, it will use the default Pay Scale for that game.

Pay Groups are not used to Bill Teams/Leagues or track Assignor Fees. They are only used to Pay Officials. The amounts in the custom Pay Group are used instead of the default Pay Scale, not in addition to.

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