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Payment Preferences for Officials

Personal Info : My Payments

Located at the top of the page, a box appears with your GoPay Account Balance.  Account balances reflect all monies that have been deposited on your behalf, by all of your www.GameOfficials.net Assignors that are using the GOPay System. 

Click on Change Preferences

Automatic payment preferences allow you to setup how often a deposit is made into your account.  Click on the drop down menu to see all options for how often you can have your money deposited.

Never - I will manually request funds each time.  You will have to initiate the deposit or check by coming to this page and releasing your funds.

Daily - Whenever funds are available

Weekly - Send the first business day of each week.

Monthly - Send the first business day of each month.

Do not forget to let us know the least amount you want to receive.  Example, you want your payments weekly if they are at least $25.00.

If you are receiving a Check By Mail, you will need to request the check be sent each time.  We will never just send a check, due to the $3.00 charge, you will need to click to have your check mailed, approving the charge.

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