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We have the capability for users to upload a personal photo that can be seen by other users on various pages and reports. Admins can also upload photos for users if desired.

One important note is that photos are only allowed for users 18 years old and older. 
No users under 18 will be allowed to have a photo associated with their account. This is for Privacy and Security reasons and there will be no exceptions to this policy.

To upload a personal photo 

My Info on the Main Menu and look at the Personal Photo section at the top of the page. 

If a valid Date of Birth has been entered, the option to Add/Edit a Photo will be visible. Click the Button to launch the Photo Management interface and follow the instructions. Photos must be in JPG or GIF format and you will be able to crop images to a predefined scale from larger pictures once they have been uploaded.

After a photo is uploaded, it must be approved by an admin user before it will be visible to other Users. If an Admin users adds the photo from their end, no other Approval is necessary.

Admin users will see a notice on their home page when there are new photos waiting to be approved. Once Approved, photos will show up in the following areas:
- User, Official, Assessor, Assignor Info Pages (Click Info Bubble for User, etc)
- Officials / Assessors Directory (Reports)
- System Login Directory (Reports)
- Mentor Report
- Team/League Feedback page (after games)
(Not all areas are visible to all users)

Admin users can approve photos from the link on the home page, from the individual User/Official/etc Info Pages, or from the User Maint area where photos are uploaded.

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