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Public Game Schedules

It is possible to display the game schedules for your group in a publicly accessible area. This will allow teams, parents, etc to see when their team is playing without having to have a log in to the system. 

It could also be used to allow teams to verify that their schedules are correct. Schedules can be made visible league-by-league so all games are shown. Only details of the games are shows and no assignment information is revealed.

To enable this feature:

Group Setup : Group Info : Edit and then check the "Public Schedules" box in the Other Info section. 

You can copy the generic URL from there to use on your own website if desired. 

In addition, each league that you want to display must be enabled under:

Group Maint : Leagues : Click League Name : Check the Public Schedules box to display the league.

Here you can also choose what you’d like the public schedules to show. 

By using the drop down bar, you can select whether you’d like for no official information to be shown or if it’s okay to be shown.

You can either direct users to go directly to your group’s games by pasting a link on your own website, or you can send users to GameOfficials.net and have them click on the "Schedules" link on the main menu. 

From there, they will be able to drill down by group, league, age level, and team to see schedules. You can also drill down for them and copy the URL from any of the pages to set up a link directly to a specific subset of the schedule.

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